Colton Museum’s  Local History/Genealogy Research Center

Thanks to Marian and Mike Murphy, docents at the Colton Area Museum, the museum now has a computerized local history/genealogy research center.  Marian conceived the idea of starting a research center at the museum while doing genealogy work at the LDS Family History Center in San Bernardino.

Using computer equipment and technical expertise donated by her sons Michael and Kelly, Marian began scanning research materials into the computer in April 2009.  She and her husband Mike then installed the computer in the museum on an historic teacher’s desk from Lincoln School, which she and Mike had restored.  The computerized research materials include U.S. censuses for Colton from the 1880s through 1940, Colton city directories dating back to 1909, Colton birth, marriage and death records up to 1905, an index compiled by Mike Murphy of Hazel Olson’s book, As the Sand Shifts in Colton, California, an index compiled by Scott J. Klemm of the museum’s history publication, Crossroads, Colton history articles by Larry Sheffield from the Colton City News, and a variety of postcard pictures of old-time Colton.  Hazel Olson’s   As the Sand Shifts in Colton, California is also on the computer.

Marian is nearly finished indexing the censuses. and Mike is indexing Elma Maltzbeger’s book, The Story of Colton.  The museum also has an almost complete set of Colton High’s yearbooks.  The research center is available to the public during regular museum hours.