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The Colton Area Museum provides a number of items for sale including books devoted to Colton and Southern California history.  Below is a partial list of some of our books:


Agua Mansa and La Placita Communites, San Salvador Church, Agua Mansa Cemetery 1842-1980by Hazel E. Olson.  21 pp.  $2.00.

As the Sands Shift in Colton, California by Hazel E. Olson. 654 pp.  $37.75.

David Colton: Namesake of Colton, California(Limited edition of 100 copies.) by Larry Sheffield. 81 pp.  $10,80.

Images of America: Colton by Larry Sheffield.  128 pp.  $19,99.

The Earp Clan: The Southern California Years by Nicholas Cataldo.  176 pp.  $19.95.

The Traveling Earps: Kentucky to California by Hazel E. Olson.  28 pp.  $4.30.

Virgil Earp: Western Peace Officer by Don Chaput.  255 pp.  $26.40.

California Pioneers: Their Stories and Cuisine 1800 -1920 by Elizabeth Cox.  146 pp.  $15.95.

Southern California Miscellany: Fascinating Tales of Southern California History from 1800 to 1920 by Elizabeth Cox.  140 pp.  $15.95.

Biography of Nephi E. Miller: Father of Migratory Beekeeping by Rita Skousen Miller.  183 pp.  $21.50.

Iron Men and Copper Wire: A Centennial History of Southern California Edison Company by William A. Myers.  272 pp.  $16.20.

100 Years of Crimson and Gold Pride: Colton High School 1895-1996 by Scott J. Klemm. 106 pp.  $15.00.